Petco Park Factor Nonexistence For One Ex-Padre Player

Since Petco Park opened, many ex-players and current players complained that Petco Park is huge while at the same time not a hitters park. Being a season ticket holder since 1998, I’ve seen my share of opposing players coming to Petco Park and make the Park look darn small. So, I think the real question is do the Padres have the right players to play in Petco Park. The answer is quite obvious from the performances of the Padres teams since Petco Park has opened. Though, I decided to take a closer look at this unique situation and noticed one former Padre named Adrian Gonzalez has demonstrated a trend that is truly eye opener. From 2007 through 2010 seasons, Adrian Gonzalez average above 30+ Home runs per year including a break-out of 40 in 2009. Yet, ever since Adrian had been traded away to a more friendlier hitting ballparks (Boston and Los Angeles) that Adrian HAS NOT hit more than 30 Home runs per year. Thus, it all boils down the right hitters will hit anywhere and basically comes down to scouting, period.

Padres Annual Second Half Hitting Explosion

This is a trend that has continued since 1999 and only one year the Padres failed to hit well was the 2010 season when the Padres were leading the NL West and suffered a collapse in September. I expect to see better offensive results since there is no pressure of contending plus the players are playing for roster slots for the 2015 season. In addition, most of the players are performing below their normal averages and there should be some positives coming out of the second half. Should this give fans something get to excite about ? Yes for the short-term, but long-term no. The next General Manager of the Padres will definitely have to instill a Master Plan for the Baseball Operations that entails a smooth yet quick turnaround within 12-18 months.

Well, it will be very interesting to see whom the Padres tab as their next General Manager until then, don’t call no ambulance yet ! The Padres are not at that stage yet and hopefully will never be so. With that being said, here’s a wicked video of blues band named Selwyn Birchwood Blues Band titled “Don’t Call No Ambulance”. Yes, Padres fans we are still breathing and alive !