Padres Can Become Contenders With The Right GM And Master Baseball Operations Plan.

Well, I made that call in the beginning of the year with my post on who will be fired first, Padres GM Josh Byrnes or D’backs GM Kevin Towers. I have noticed several candidates that have withdrawn themselves from the interview process. I do not consider this bad at all, as we all know “Crisis Presents Opportunities” and right now, the San Diego Padres Organization needs an overhaul. If I were part of the selection board, I would heavily weigh on A.J.Preller and offer the position to him. What this organization needs is a fresh mind and someone who has been associated with a winning organization in the most recent years. Preller fits that bill and most importantly, A.J. has extensive scouting background experience. If the Padres Ownership does not jump on A.J. it will send a loud message to the well knowledgeable season ticket members as myself that the Padres are not willing to win at all costs.

How much other teams value Padres Players

I’ve come across a very interesting development in regards to the players the Padres had been drafted and developed by Sandy Alderson’s regime. The last two most recent Padres’ GM’s Jed Hoyer and Josh Byrnes, supposedly the hottest brightest young GM’s of the game, leverage all the hard work of Sandy Alderson and Grady Fuson baseball plan. At one point a few years ago (2012), the Padres had 24 players drafted by Alderson’s Regime in the Major Leagues. Now, fast forward and allow me to demonstrated something rather eye shocking to you, Padres Fans. The past few years, I’ve been hearing about how the Padres lack position players in their farm system yet they continue to develop young arms. Hmmm, I would listen to the rhetoric and daily propaganda the media would toss out. So now, it’s my turn to expose the truth. Would you believe two major league franchises have 6 former Padres players on their 40 player roster. Guess what? Both franchises are winning organizations and classified as small market teams ! You got to be kidding me? This sounds like the rhetoric we hear about we can’t have solar, geothermal and wind power as it costs too much to do so. Yeah right ! Tell me more, anything is possible. Just pull up the overalls and let’s get to work ! What a concept ! Anyways, back to baseball, here are the two teams.

Oakland A’s
P Luke Gregerson
P Evan Scribner
1b Kyle Blanks
1b Nate Freiman
SS Andy Parrino
2b Eric Sogard

Tampa Bay Rays
P Brad Boxberger
P Brandon Gomes
P Cesar Ramos
2b Vince Belnome
2b Cole Figueroa
2b Logan Forsythe

Now, take a look at those players. Aren’t the Padres are suffering at 2b and 1b at the moment? I am sure the Padres could use a few of those 2nd baggers and 1st baggers right now. ¬†Everyone except for Gregerson, Scribner and Boxberger were drafted by Sandy Alderson’s regime and used as trade bait by the so called brightest GM’s. Though, at this moment, the Padres have no legit 1b in the minors or league roster while two ex-Padres farmhands are on A’s roster in Freiman and Blanks. Both whom are very tall 1st baggers and reminds me of Derek Lee situation all over again. So basically, what I am saying is there is no excuse for a losing team in San Diego. We did have the parts, just the GM’s (Hoyer and Byrnes) did a horrible job at evaluating talent and packaged away too many legit major leaguers for nothing in return.

Now the pressure is on the Padres’ Front Office to break those Nasty Habits of giving away our players to other organizations for nothing in return. With that being said, let’s boogie to Blues Musican Tommy Castro and the Painkillers song titled “Nasty Habits”. Damn right, we the most loyal Padres season ticket holders are tired of the repeatable Nasty Habits of the Baseball Operations in San Diego. Come on, make me a believer Padres Front Office.