In San Diego, Massive Personnel and Front Office Changes, Worst Results…..

This year, I have purposely stayed away from posting on this blog. Many of my friends asked me why? My response was very simple “There were too many changes to the entire organization and one huge glaring weakness was never addressed from the onset, SHORTSTOP position”. That’s like running a software company and saying that software architect is not required while we can get away with several junior programmers doing the architecture for the entire business product-line. We all know what kind of results we will produce from that logic. Though, being a silent observer has a lot of advantages as I’ve studied this team from afar and developed some interesting facts to share with the entire followers of Snodgrass Muff.

Let’s begin the dive ! It’s very interesting to notice one eye-catching fact developing right before our own eyes from the perspective of a loyal Padres season ticket-holder. The New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers are all in pennant races as we speak. So what? You may rebuttal as a frustrated San Diego Padres fan, who has endured many losing seasons and 5 straight to be exact. Well, all three teams Baseball operations are lead by former San Diego Padres employees. The New York Mets by Sandy Alderson and Paul Deposta, The Chicago Cubs Theo Esptein, Jed Hoyer, Jason Mcleod, and Jaron Madison, The Los Angeles Dodgers Josh Byrnes and Billy Gasparino. Where are the Padres right now in comparison to those who had been in San Diego the past 9 years? The Padres are worst off from last year’s dead-beat team and have traded a surplus of promising prospects, fired one of the most respectable managers in the game as well. But hey, San Diego has the best weather ! It’s getting old hearing that phrase year-in, year-out. Yes, I was one of many vouching for the hiring of A.J. Preller a year ago and I still believe he can change the baseball climate here in San Diego. But, that glaring weakness at shortstop is HUGE. I give Preller a grade of C- overall, he did bring enthusiasm back to San Diego with his gunslinger approach during winter meetings. Just like what Donald Trump is doing for Joe Six-pack right now in the Presidential Reality Show, awakening the masses.

As for 2015, we ain’t got nothing but the blues in San Diego. Yes, hate seeing those Dodgers fans parading in our town. Sing it for us, Gabriel Caetano !