Thank you Matt Kemp !


It is sad to see Matt Kemp be traded to the Braves and Matt will forever join a list of Ex-Dodgers in Padres History. It all begin back in 1969 when Buzzie Bavasi was the acting General Manager and hired the Dodgers 3rd Coach Preston Gomez to be the Padres First Manager. In 1984, Ex-Dodger First Baseman Steve Garvey carried the Padres to the World Series with his homer to deep right center off Cubs’ Reliver Lee Smith. Last year (2015), Matt Kemp hit the first Cycle in Padres History to cement his position in the Padres History book. Just recently, two weeks ago another Ex-Dodger flirted with a potential Padres first No-Hitter, Edwin Jackson. Will Edwin sometime this season get into the Padres History book? We will only find out but if history is any true indicator, surely looks promising. What else do Padres fans have to look forward besides the great weather?