Mid-Season Review of Padres……

It’s been nearly 6 months since I made any significant post regarding the San Diego Padres Baseball Club and Operations. I wanted to take a huge step back and observe the whirlwind of moves made during the Winter Season to see how the elements would come together as a team. Like any huge unsuccessful organization or company, sweeping major changes can have a lasting and potentially positive impact. Though, the key is to make changes to the culture as well which to me is the most fundamental aspect. Where am I going with this? Well, the previous Manager always had his club starting off slowly and the patterns continued to exist despite several changes during the last 8 years in regards to Baseball Operations or player personnel changes.

Now, let’s dig at the 2nd most important change that needs to be implemented that is ‘structural’. A new regime comes in and suddenly, the changes are very noticeable and perhaps costly at some of the positions where more emphasis should be placed at a higher value than initially projected. I look at this ballclub being a bit improved from the last 8 years, though personally to me that doesn’t say or weight too much as the current records supports that claim. What concerns me the most is the lack of attention at the most skillful positions on the major league level, that is Shortstop, 2nd Baseman, and Center fielder. To me, this is an area that is impeding the progress of the Major League Ballclub at the moment. This has been ongoing for years now since the departures of the likes of Khalil Greene and Mike Cameron. It is time, the baseball operations focuses on how to solve this most obvious glaring deficiency of talent at critical key positions. Remember, more errors leads to more pitches thrown by your own pitching staff and vast amount of opportunities to cash on for your opponents.

In conclusion, there is extreme upside to this Organization and Baseball Club in the near future, though I feel more changes are coming and some might not be very popular. Though, the key is an upgrade to those positions I stated above. Otherwise, the baseball operations lack of personnel movements at this level are being depicted on a daily basis by viewing the position of the team in the standings. Now to close out this post, a blues tunes by Boo Boo Davis “Watch Yourself”. Yes, better watch yourself when making the next round of moves, everyone is watching too.