Three weeks before Cactus 2010 Spring Training

Hello Everyone in San Diego and where ever you may be while reading this blog. It’s great to be back blogging on my favorite team — The San Diego Padres –. Much has changed since my last post on this blog and I have a lot of information to share with my loyal readers and those who are new to Snodgrassmuff.

First of all, I would like to voice my displeasure in the San Diego Chargers. I had thought the Chargers had MATURED in their ways, but it was very evident a few players CANNOT handle PRESSURE during the playoffs. I, being a season ticket holder for the Chargers since 2004 season, felt the Chargers should have been much more prepared for anything during the 2010 playoffs. Many people blamed ex-Coach Marty Schottenheimer about the failures of his teams in the playoffs and lacking composure. Well, 6 years later current Coach Norv Turner experienced the same type of behavioral patterns. So where am I going with this? well, it’s time for GM AJ Smith to make some serious changes on the roster. This team is too damn good to be eliminated from the playoffs so soon and there needs to be cultural change in the locker room. I am expecting some well known players on the roster to be sent packing, especially those who put their partying needs ahead of the team’s soul purpose that is to win the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, they can party but there is always a time for that after they have accomplished the primary goal. The same can be said of some local radio station on having pre-game parties. Back in the glorious days of the Los Angeles Lakers, the City of L.A. never had pre-game parties, they acted like they BEEN THERE BEFORE and had celebrations afterwards.

Now, back to the San Diego Padres Franchise. I am glad to see that Owner Jeff Moorad chosed Jed Hoyer as General Manager of the Padres. It was about time, this Franchise moved into another direction of that of the former GM. I, believe Hoyer will institute a formal process on how to build a farm system and continue what has been accomplished by Sandy Alderson regime. Alderson brought back accountability to the failing organization and it was no longer run like a used-car lot under Towers. Today, the players you hear and will see from the farm system is the direct impact that Sandy Alderson, Grady Fuson, and company had during their tenure with the Padres.  People in San Diego, harped on the sternness of Alderson and how he dealt with people in public. But in the end, Alderson had built the farm system and Dominican Republic Academy from ground zero. GM Hoyer will greatly benefit from this as did former GM Towers in the second half of the 2009 season.

Well, it’s time for GM Jed Hoyer to pick up the pieces and create a Mosaic for 2010 Season, which I firmly believe will be a very successful one. With that being said, here’s a music video featuring Blues/Jazz Guitarist Jeff Golub song ‘Pick Up the Pieces’

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